About us



Shepherd of Sweden, founded in 1982, is a lifestyle company with offices and warehouses in Svenljunga and our own manufacturing in Europe. Our vision is to provide the market with the world’s most attractive brand for sheepskin and wool products with Scandinavian design. Shepherd of Sweden’s product range includes slippers, shoes and accessories and home furnishings. The products are sold throughout Europe, the United States and parts of Asia. Everything in sheepskin or wool.


Shepherd of Sweden is as real as it gets. Our passion for craftsmanship, affection for Swedish design tradition and care for every little detail – that’s who we are. Just like our love for sheepskin and wool. What else could we possibly feel about these wonderful materials?
Natural, timeless, genuine. As real as it gets.


We have always had a passion for fine craftsmanship. The combination of pure Swedish design and handcraft experience results in timeless, beautiful products. One single slipper is made of multiple separate pieces. Always made from real sheepskin that has been treated in over several different stages to get the right quality and finish. Then all pieces are assembled by our skilled craftsmen, mostly by hand.


The reason why we have chosen to work with sheepskin is due to It’s exceptional qualities.It keeps you warm when it’s cold, it feels cool when it’s hot. Within the wool there is also a natural antibacterial property. It’s feeling an comfort is superior all other materials.

We can try to describe a feeling, a sensation or a scent, but in actuality they must be experienced to be fully understood – which is precisely what our products and genuine sheepskin are all about. 100% experience.